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A Tour in Paris' Suburbs

A Tour for those who want to live a very local experience !

There is Paris, the capital of Ile de France and there are all the small towns surrounding Paris, what we call the suburbs. Some are part of the "small crown" (closest to Paris), others of the large crown, the furthest.


Taking a Tour in the suburbs close to a major capital like Paris is the ideal way to discover the country "like a local", knowing that a large part of the French people you meet in Paris during your stays are in fact inhabitants of the suburbs of Paris who come to work in Paris but who return to their homes in the suburbs in the evening.

Maisons-Alfort by Paris like a Parisian

The Tour

We are on line 8 of the Paris Metro, 10 stations from the Bastille going towards the South-East of Paris, just after the Bois de Vincennes, its castle, its lake and the beautiful botanical garden.

Maisons-Alfort is a city I happen to know well since I was born there (at the time there was still a maternity hospital in the city), I grew up there and I have been living there again since over 15 years !

סיורים בפרוורי פריז

I talked about it in January 2022 on one of Zvi Chazanov's facebook pages :

פריז ואיל דה פראנס טיפים למטיילים on the occasion of the release of a very beautiful book on Art Nouveau - Art Deco specially dedicated to Maisons-Alfort.

I take my family and friends there from Israel or elsewhere in the world and they love our great Food Market , our superb boulangeries pâtisseries (bakeries) and the cozy and calm atmosphere of the city, so close to Paris and yet so relaxing after a long day of pure sightseeing in the noisy big city, Paris.

עם צבי חזנוב בפרוורי פריז
בית ספר לווטרינריה ליד פריז

I propose to take you too for a walk in this pretty suburb and show you a very local aspect of Parisian life while admiring the Art Nouveau / Art Deco architecture of the city, visiting the very famous Veterinary School, created in 1765, the banks of the Marne once one of the most fashionable beaches and guinguettes, one of our marvelous Food Markets, the best boulangerie / Pâtisserie (bakery and pastry) shop in town, the Hotel de Ville, the cafes and restaurants in the area , the typical train station inaugurated in 1849 and plenty more surprises.

A short stroll outside Paris to better understand Paris, France, its history, the mentality and the way of life of French people.

Suburb Tour details
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