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Food & Culinary experiences

I admit that in some cases, we better understand the culture of a country through what it has to offer to eat and drink!
And in France, we are obviously spoiled!
Is it not here that the very concept of "gastronomy" was invented?
In any case, it was in France, in Paris, that the first restaurant was created in 1686, with a result of more than 16,000 restaurants, bars and cafés nowadays in Paris alone!

קולינריה פריז כפריזאיים.jpeg

It was here that all the techniques of modern cuisine were developed, improved and optimized. Thank you Mr Auguste Escoffier!

A country where culinary is above all a question of geography: A territory, a product.

Where product names are often the name of the region or city from which they originate.

Just drop the city name "Dijon" and everyone answers in chorus: "Mustard! " The village named "Roquefort" and everyone answers… fromage!

But so it is with the 500 products of Appellation Contrôlée and Protégée de France. (Controlled Designation of Origin)

France is this country where you count more than 1200 cheeses and 383 (wine) terroirs.

Food Tour

On this Food Tours, you will learn how the eating habits of the French are a feature of our daily life in France and why it is sometimes so complicated to sit at a terrace to drink only a coffee at certain times of the day.

You will know everything about baguette, croissants, and French pastry.

You will discover the food/wine (or Parisian beer!) and cheese pairings in the purest French tradition.

We mention all this in my culinary circuits and much more!
But above all, we will eat and drink, à la bonne franquette!

2.5/3 hours long

The Meeting point will be communicated to you at the reservation.

Culinary Tour

Wine and champagne tasting

One hour and a half with a French winery shop owner, a wine expert (oenologist) and/or sommelier to understand the fascinating world of winery and Champagne (as an option).

​You'll learn about the origins of wine, the different wine regions of France, the appellations, the label, the different kinds of wine, food and wine pairings and above all : why French wine is different from any other wine ?

Your Wine Tasting Session will be held in one of different areas of Paris (Saint-Germain, the Marais, the Bastille area, the trendy 9th District according to availability, dates, opening hours, number of guests…)

Minimum 2 participants
​Morning Session : 11:00-12:30
Afternoon Session : 14:30-16:00


An introduction to Wine, regions of France
3 different wine tasting.
Cheese and a selection of dedicated snacks (meat, duck or goose, fish..)


A Wine tasting session to develop and enrich your wine knowledge !

At least 5 wine tastingChampagne tasting (according to our winery tasting spot).

Cheese and a selection of dedicated snacks (meat, duck or goose, fish..)


(for both levels : Beginners & Advanced)

Your private guide Myriam all along the tasting in your language : English, Hebrew, Spanish.

Dinner at Parisian's House

For those who have read the article of my dear Zvi Chazanov on his wonderful site: כיצד ניתן לסעוד אצל משפחה צרפתיה במהלך החופשה בפריז?, note that you too can find yourself at the table of a typical French family, in a pretty suburban house nearby Paris, for a 100% French dinner!
An exceptional evening to dive into the heart of French culture!
Learn some basics of cooking, choose the wines with the owner, discover how a real French dinner takes place from A to Z and until having a wonderful digestif by the fire or on the terrace depending on the season at the end of the meal!

15 minutes from the Bastille by metro or taxi.

19:00 to 22:30 every day upon prior reservation.

From 2 persons onwards Menu


Dinner at Parisian's Appartment

This private dinner takes place in a typical beautiful Haussmanian apartment in the chic and quite district of Saint-Germain.


You will spend a delightful evening at a lovely Parisian's family's home while experiencing a typical French Diner from Apero ! (Aperitive) to Dessert at your hosts together with Myriam, your tour guide.

Saint-Germain district -Boulevard Raspail

19:00 to 22:30 every day upon prior reservation.

From 2 persons onwards Menu

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