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This section is not an exhaustive guide to all the restaurants, cafes, tea rooms, bars and other places to drink in Paris, but still…


It brings together a list of my favorite places in Paris which I'd love to share with you guys, dear tourists and lovers of Paris !


This Paris Like a Parisian Foodies Guide will be completed step by step and according to opening of new restaurants, cafes or concept places wether seasonal or all year long. 


But this Guide goes beyond the mere listing of places one after the other: 

I'd like to try and introduce you here the notion of “French gastronomy”, culturally speaking.


Often, during my tours, my guests ask me: “Why do we say that Paris is the capital of gastronomy ? or even: “What made Paris Paris and why the cuisine and pastry here are so delicate, so special, so tasty, so unique?” »


Well, these are very tricky questions and the answer is actually multiple.


I will try to answer these questions throughout the various sections of this PLP Foodies Guide of Paris and particularly in the: “The great names of French gastronomy” one.

Meet me with my Paris Foodies Guide on too.

Brasseries and restaurants Paris
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