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Le café du Petit Palais

Here is another wonderful opportunity to put into practice the idea of the Museum Café!

Here, not only is the Museum absolutely charming, the setting enchanting and the ideal location, at the foot of the Champs-Elysées facing the GrandPalais but there, the Museum is free and the setting of its café is fabulous !

Yes, going for a coffee or a drink, even when you do not intend to visit the Museum or monument in question where the café or restaurant is located is a very good idea!

You will also meet many Parisians in a hurry in a work meeting who came to seek a little calm to discuss business quietly, girlfriends who came for tea or a drink in the late afternoon, without even visiting the art gallery, its paintings and sculptures (which they have already seen several times).

The café is hidden in a green setting at the back of the Petit Palais and is accessed by a pretty mosaic descent.

In spring and summer, a table on the terrace is essential.

A small pastoral and refined break at the turn of the madness of the city after a long day of walking and sightseeing!

Adress :

Café-Restaurant Le petit Jardin

1 Avenue Dutuit Petit Palais, 75008 Paris

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