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Each district of Paris bears its own architectural heritage, often mixed up with several famous Architects' master-chief achievements.

סיורי ארכיטקטורה בפריז.jpg

Top French Architects Tour
 3 Hours 

This Tour is exclusively dedicated to the discovery or observation of some of the most famous French Architects and Urban planners' achievements in Paris over the years.

We'll walk through a specific District in Paris and discover Art Nouveau & Art Deco Architectural treasures.

The Tour includes visits to some famous Architects House & Appartment, Bridges, Hotels and Theaters.

Let's walk through the Paris of  Hector Guimard, Gustave Eiffel Viollet Le Duc, Haussman, Sauvage, Mallet Stevens, Auguste Perret, Le Corbusier, Jean Nouvel and observe their contribution to the beautifying of the City of Lights's enhancement.

According to the season and weather, we end the Tour at Parisian's Roof Top's Bar or a great Hotel Bar.

סיורי ארכיטקטורה בפריז.jpg

Two centuries of Architecture Tour
From Empire (1800's) to Contemporary Architecture (2000's) 
3 Hours 

This Tour takes you over 200 years of Architecture from one district to another, crossing the River Seine.

We observe famous French Designers' edifices, public and private houses, hotels, Universities and more each of the distinct Architectural periods.

From Pierre Fontaine (1762-1853)'achievements during the "Empire" period up to late 20th Century significant constructions in Paris, you'll learn how to distinguish, Louis Philippe, Haussman, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the successive architectural styles which have made the city we know today. 

According the season and weather we end the Tour at a beautiful 1900' Brasserie or at a charming Museum Coffe Shop.

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