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Despite the very glamorous picture of this section, let me share a little secret with you: I don't live in a Château nor does (almost) any Parisian! :)

​My name is Myriam Edery.

I was born and raised in a nice and quiet suburb of Paris and then moved to Israel at the age of 17.

I have Moroccan, Russian, Polish, Cuban origins and therefore speak 4 languages (no, not Arabic nor Russian but French, Hebrew, English and Spanish).

I lived in Israel until the age of 30 with a short cut of 2 years in the Caribbean, Venezuela and the US and worked for many years in the Tourism industry and the Food field.

When back to France, I've worked with and for Israel during 15 years as a representative of various Israeli touristic structures in France then raised my own tour operator’ small agency and sent many French Tourists to Israel.

I simultaneously dedicated myself to artistic management, writing, press & media, digital communication, translations.

​My several meetings in Paris with

Zvi Chazanov, founder and owner of the amazing blog, Francophiles Anonymous during years 2017-2019 eventually lead to the spontaneous and exciting proposal of him to be one of his Representatives here in France and more specifically in Paris and surroundings.

He asked me to share with his numerous followers (on his blogs as well as on his FB and Twitter pages) my authentic knowledge of local way of life, habits, traditions, small and great things about Paris and Parisians.

I accepted his offer with both honor and pleasure and here I am, proposing you to take a ride with me accross this beautiful city (and country) of my childhood and life as an adult for the last 25 years (1996)!

Now why this section's title: “About us?”

Well, as you may have seen on this website, I’ve decided to offer you the finest French experience and who says “French” says French Cuisine”, “French wines”, “French gastronomy”.

For these Tours, I’ve picked up my best contacts (and friends for many years) in the Wine and French cuisine’s field (Oenologists, Chefs, owners of restaurants, cooking work- shops, Parisians all together to share with you their expertise, knowledge or homes to turn your Food and culinary French’ experience into the highlight of your Parisian’s visit !

About Theater, Art & French culture, Architecture:

I’ll do my best to share with you the thrilling cultural life I'm enjoying here in in the City of Lights and more.

Looking forward meeting you in Paris!


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